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Best 3 place to visit in Gangtok

Here the 3 best places to visit in Gangtok:-

1. MG Road

MG Road is a heart of Gangtok. MG Road is shopping center point of this lovely state capital with different eateries, shops and inns are arranged along the two sides. It is boulevard square and open mall. It is an area which is widely regarded to the town center and it is the best shopping destination for tourists.

The first thing you notice on this approximately 1 km stretch road is the cleanliness. There are boards everywhere which "Welcome to Litter Free Zone and M.G. Marg". The whole area is free of litter, smoke, and vehicular traffic. It is pedestrian only zone and vehicles are not allowed. The buildings are on both sides of MG road are painted green in line with a government's green initiative. It is a place which is famous for the Gangtok food and Culture festival.

2. Nathu La Pass

Nathula is one of the highest drive roads in the world, it is a mountain pass in Himalayan peaks which co-joins China and Sikkim. Nathula pass is situated in Indi-china border and it is the biggest tourist in India. There are several tourists come here every year for trekking in the valley and enjoy the scenic beauty. It also offers an opportunity to see beautiful snow peaks compass the area.

3. Rumtek Monastery

The Rumtek Monastery is most significant and largest monasteries in Sikkim, situated on the top of hill 23 km from Gangtok. It is originally called as Dharma Chakra Centre which belongs to Kargyu faith of Buddhists who originated in Tibet in the 12th century. The religious community is secured by verdant green mountains and it fills in as a visual treat other than being a point of convergence for otherworldly comfort. On the off chance that you jump on the highest point of Rumtek Monastery which you have a stunning perspective of entire Gangtok town arranged ideal inverse the slope. The architecture of monastery is one of the finest in the world.

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