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Disadvantages of using antivirus on android Smartphone

The Smartphone is the revolutionary idea in the world of technology and communication. The present generation, can’t live a moment without their Smartphone. It’s the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night, that the use. With the increasing use of the Smartphone, it has become the most favourite target of the Malware writers. The malwares or virus when infects the Smartphone can steal the personal data of the user or damage the OS of the Smartphone. To deal with these issues, the professionals have developed various antivirus that scans the files and apps on the Smartphone for any virus or malware, If any threat exist on the Smartphone, the antivirus detects its location, alert the user and swiftly and safely dispose the threat and keep the Smartphone safe.


Although, if you pay attention and be sure of safety of the apps or data you are downloading, the source from which you are downloading them, the site you are visiting, the URLs or link you are connecting to, then you can easily escape the threats of virus or malware. But, generally it is recommended to use an antivirus on your Android Smartphone.


There are many advantages of using antivirus on your android Smartphone but you can’t neglect the disadvantages that follow it. Though some of the antivirus are free but the most efficient and successful antivirus charge for their service. You can use their free version but it won’t provide as impressive service as the premium version. The premium version may be heavy to your pocket.

Some of the time, android antivirus may give you false positive. It may identify the legitimate apps as the one infected with malware, and makes you uninstall it. When tested very few antivirus gives no false positive test.


If you have installed the antivirus on your android Smartphone, there is no guarantee that it will give you 100% detection rate. Sometimes, it may be unable to notice a malware or virus.

The android antivirus will eat some of the processing power of your Smartphone. Since the antivirus continuously works in the background, there is no doubt that it will consume the battery and processing power of your android Smartphone. It also slows down the speed of your internet.
Since the android antivirus prevents installation of any apps and opening of any link or site that may seem doubtful to it, there are often chances that it does not allow you to download the app and open the site or link, that may be complete clean and safe, but it still your antivirus is suspicious about it.

When you install the antivirus on your android Smartphone, it consumes the space. Sometimes, due to shortage of space on your Smartphone, you may have to uninstall an important or your favourite app to make the space for the antivirus.


The disadvantages of the android antivirus are less when compared to its advantages. And often, people overlook these disadvantages, to protect their Smartphone form any risk of the infection.

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